Year 2 Art

Term 2

In year 2 we have been finding out about at the artist Alberto Giacometti, who is famous for his sculptures. He sculpted the shadows of people so his sculptures have elongated arms and legs. We went outside to look at and draw our shadows and we experimented by moving our bodies into different positions. Then we had to choose our favourite shadow drawing and create a sculpture out of clay.

The following week we wrapped tinfoil around our sculptures to make them look like they are made out of metal. After that we looked at the work of photographer Peter Lindbergh who photographed Giacometti’s sculptures in 2016. We found out about how he created the backdrops in his photographs and talked about why they were displayed in black and white.

Finally we worked in little teams to look at different compositions using our sculptures. We tried out different fabrics for the backdrops and looked at taking the photos from different angles using the Ipads. We printed the photos that we took in black and white.

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