School Uniform
At Senacre Wood we are proud of our school uniform. We do encourage that you dress your child in school uniform as it  greatly enhances the ethos of the school and gives your child a sense of belonging.
Senacre Wood Primary School Uniform
  • Bottle green sweatshirt, sweat-cardigan, cardigan or pullover
  • Dark grey trousers (girls may also wear trousers)
  • Dark grey skirts
  • White polo shirt
  • Dark, flat shoes (trainers, slip-on shoes or boots are not permitted)
  • Black or grey tights
  • Black or grey socks
For PE
  • Black or dark blue shorts
  • Plain, white, round neck T-shirt
  • Trainers for outdoor PE (plimsolls will be acceptable in some weathers)
  • A named PE bag
For outdoor winter PE children may wear black or dark blue jogging bottoms and top.  Hooded tops are not to be worn.
All ear studs must be removed for PE.
In Summer
  • Girls may wear green and white checked summer dress.
  • Boys may wear shorts
  • Grey or white ankle socks
NB: Children are not permitted to wear jewellery or nail varnish.  If your child has pierced ears they may wear small, plain studs.  Multiple piercings are not acceptable.  Children are not permitted to come to school with dyed hair.

Please ensure that all clothing is clearly marked with your child’s name.

Items of clothing are frequently handed in as `lost property` and their owners never traced because the clothing has not been named. The school cannot be held responsible for any lost property.

A selection of uniform is available from the school office.  To see the current price list, please click here.