Secondary School Transfer 2015

If your child is in year 6, you should now be thinking about secondary schools. We are encouraging as many parents as possible to complete the Secondary Common Application Form online through the Kent website 

As we appreciate this may be a daunting task for some people, Emma, our FLO would like to offer her services (and computer) to enable you to do this. If you would like to apply online and need support or advice, please call in (no appointment necessary) so you can go through the application together.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

My child is in year 6.  How do I apply for a secondary school place?
Apply online on your home Local Authority’s website or complete a Secondary Common Application Form (SCAF) from your home Local Authority.
When does the application have to be completed by?
For Kent residents, the closing date for submitting on-line applications or returning your SCAF to your Kent primary school or the Admissions Team at Sessions House, County Hall, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1XQ
is 31 October 2015.

How do I apply online?

Go to website tells you how to apply.

If you provide an e-mail address when applying online, you will be sent an e-mail confirmation that your application has been received once you have completed and submitted it. On 2 March 2015, after 4pm, you will also be sent an e mail advising you which school place has been offered. Please note, e mail providers may take an extended period of time to deliver your e mail. Kent County Council has no control over e mails once they have left our server.

If you have already registered on line for the Kent test, and you are a Kent resident, you can access the information you previously submitted by logging on to the website with your username and password.

You can then add your school preferences to the application by clicking on the “Pupil details” button and following the screens.  Once you have added your school preferences you must resubmit your application.

I want to apply online but I cannot access the information. What should I do?

Please speak to the Online Admissions Team on 01622 696666/ 696652 or

Where can I obtain a paper copy of the SCAF?

You can print a copy from the

Where should a completed paper SCAF be returned?

If you live in Kent and your child attends a Kent primary school, you must return the form to your primary headteacher.

If you live in Kent and your child attends a primary school outside Kent, you must return the form to the Secondary Admissions Team, Kent County Council, Sessions House, County Hall, Maidstone ME14 1XQ.

When will I know which school my child has been offered?

If you applied online and provided a valid e mail address, you will be sent an e mail after 4pm on 2 March 2015 advising you which school place has been offered.  Please note, e mail providers may take an extended period of time to deliver your e mail. Kent County Council has no control over e mails once they have left our server.

All parents will be sent a letter, posted 1st class on 2 March 2015, advising which school place their child has been offered.

Do I have to put four schools on my application?
No, but we ask you to name more than one school in case we can’t give you the one you want most.  Putting down a single school will not improve your chances of getting a place there, and if you don’t get a place there you may be allocated a school you would not have chosen, some distance from your home.
If I apply for a Foundation or Church school or Academy, do I have to complete any additional forms?
You may have to complete a supplementary form for some of these schools and academies. For details please refer to the booklet “Admission to Secondary School in Kent 2015” which is available on our website, from primary schools or from the Admission Team on 01622 696565.  Supplementary information forms are obtained from and returned direct to secondary schools.
How do I apply for a place at a Free School?
If you wish to apply for a place at Hadlow Rural Community School, Sevenoaks Christian School or Wye Free School please contact schools direct.  See schools’ websites for details. You can do this in addition to applying for 4 schools through the Secondary Transfer Process.
How do I get more information about the schools I’m interested in? 
Each school has open sessions which parents and their children can attend. Dates and times for these are given in the booklet “Admission to Secondary School in Kent 2014” which is available on our website or to view at primary schools.  Individual schools also produce their own booklets with more detailed information.  Contact the schools direct if you want a copy of their booklet, or need to arrange a visit at a different time.
I live in Kent but my child sometimes stays with relatives. Can I use their address?
It is the child’s only or main residence that is to be put on your application. Evidence of ownership or rental agreement may be required, plus proof of the child’s permanent residency at the property concerned.  Main residency is considered to be the home where the child spends the majority of school nights.
What if I have moved or am moving home?
You need, if possible, to provide proof of your new address (eg a letter confirming exchange of contracts and completion date) when submitting your application.  This information will be taken into consideration when allocating places.  Otherwise, decisions will be based on the last confirmed address we hold for your child.  If you have recently moved into the area, please contact the Admissions Team for advice.
What if my situation changes after 31 October?
You need to contact the Secondary Admissions Team who will be able to give individual advice.
What sort of help will I get towards transport costs for my child getting to and from school?
Please refer to the booklet “Admission to Secondary School in Kent 2015”.
What if I’m not happy with the school my child has been offered?
a) You can appeal for a place at a school that you applied for but haven’t been offered; you should do this by 31 March 2015.
b) You can ask the Local Authority to put your child’s name on the waiting list; this should be done by 18 March 2015.
c) We would ask that you let the secondary school you have been offered know by 20 March 2015 if you are not accepting the school place you have been offered.
d) After 22 April 2015, you can apply for a place at any school that you did not name on your original application.
Will my child automatically take the Kent grammar school test?
No – only if you register on line when the website is live.
What does the Kent grammar school test consist of?
Verbal reasoning (50 minutes), non verbal reasoning (40 minutes plus admin time), maths (one hour) – all multiple choice format.
  • Children also complete a writing exercise (one hour).  The Authority does not provide past papers but all children will have the opportunity to sit a familiarisation test before taking the actual test.
What date will the 11 plus take place this year?

Verbal and non verbal reasoning test – September 2014 - Date to be confirmed.
Maths test and writing task – September 2014- Date to be confirmed.
Test dates for children who do not attend Kent primary schools are -
Practice test – September 2014 - Date to be confirmed.
Actual test –  September 2014 - Date to be confirmed.

When will I know my child’s assessment decision?
If you register online you will be sent an e mail after 4pm on 15 October.  We will post assessment decision letters to parents by first class post.
What happens if I apply for a grammar school but my child has not sat the Kent grammar school test?
A Kent grammar school cannot consider your child for a place unless you have named that school on your application form, your child has taken the Kent test and has been assessed suitable for grammar school.  We will not test children who were not registered by the closing date until after places have been offered.
My child passed the Kent test; will I automatically be offered a grammar school?
A Kent grammar school assessment does not guarantee that your child will be offered a Kent grammar school place.  If more children apply for places than a school can accommodate the school will apply its oversubscription criteria to decide which children it can take.
My child has a statement of Special Educational Needs - what do I need to do?
You will need to contact your SEN Locality Officer on one of the following numbers depending on which area of Kent you live:

West Kent - 0300 333 6469
Mid Kent -  0300 333 6470
East Kent -  0300 333 6471

My child has a statement and I have given the form to my primary school. What happens now?
We will write to you  confirming the proposal to amend your child’s statement, setting out the proposed changes and seeking your views.
I am the foster parent of a child in local authority care.  How do I apply for a school place?
Applications must be made by a child’s legal guardian or corporate parent.  Please speak to the Admissions Team for further information.
I want my child to go to school outside the Kent LA area.  Do I still need to complete a Kent SCAF?
Yes, all school applications must be made on your home LA’s application form, even if you are applying for schools outside Kent – you cannot fill out more than one form.
Will I receive help with travel costs if my child goes to school outside Kent LA area?
Please refer to the booklet “Admission to Secondary School in Kent 2014”.
I live outside Kent but want my child to go to a Kent school. What do I do?
You will need to name the Kent school on the application form provided by your own Local Authority.
I have missed the closing date.  What should I do?
Please ring 01622 696565/ 0300 333 6472 and ask to speak to the Secondary Admissions Team.