Term 2

In art this ​week Oak Class were given the challenge of helping to create their new role play area. They helped to create an aeroplane and talked about the kinds of things you might see on a plane and through the windows. They made some super windows, aeroplanes and clouds and have since been doing lots of role-play, checking each other's passports before children are allowed on the plane and travelling to lots of exciting places! Well done Oak Class!

Today we have been learning how to be photographers as well as artists. We had to create faces using plastic fruit and vegetables and then take photos of our own art. After a while we looked at our photos and talked about trying to avoid photographing our feet at the same time as our work!


Term 4

This term the children’s art lessons have been all about spring. Miss Heard gave us our first challenge and asked us to create some things for our play area. We made some large farm animals out of cardboard boxes and carefully painted them so we could play with them when we’re doing role play. Then we had to paint some animals to go on the display. It was quite tricky trying to paint them the right colours.
We also created some super stained glass flowers which we stuck on our window. They look really pretty when the sun is shining through them. Also, we were kept busy drawing pictures of our mums to be printed in the KM, making collage butterflies to go on our cards for Mother’s Day and creating chicks and bunnies for our Easter cards!

Term 5

This term we have been doing art all about people who help us. One of the things that we really enjoyed doing were handprints. We had to choose a colour (or lots of colours), paint our hands and then print them on the paper. When they were dry we had to add faces, uniforms etc onto them to turn them into firefighters, police, paramedics etc. We looked carefully in the non-fiction books to get ideas about which colours to use. We also really enjoyed creating people who help us using collage materials. We used felt tip pens to colour the people and then added clothes, buttons, hats and hair using different materials.

Term 6

This term the children have been learning about Under the Sea. In art we helped to make things for the role play area such as lots of fish, a hanging jellyfish and a diver that we could take our photo with. We used lots of different materials like paper plates, straws, pencils, pens, paints, tissue paper and cardboard. Finally, we created our own fish on straws that we could make swim around our role play corner.

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