Year 5 Art

Term 1 and 2

As part of their topic on Ancient Egypt, year 5 have been designing and making their own death masks. They had to research the features of death masks and then made their own using papier-mâché. Keep up the great work year 5!

Term 3

Year 5 have been talking about ‘What is an Art Rebel?’ They looked at the artist Roy Lichtenstein who was a leading figure in a new art movement, pop art and were challenged to work in groups to produce a piece of art for a competition based on ‘Art Rebels’.
The children came up with some very creative ideas including large cardboard pop art, posters, food fight art and comic books. It was fabulous to see them working so enthusiastically on their projects and it’s going to be tricky choosing which ones to enter in the competition!

Term 4

This term Year 5 have been looking at the topic, ‘Survival’. First we looked at creating different shades by applying different pressures with the pencils. Then during STEM week we looked at ice-balloons and had to draw part of one, thinking about the use of cold colours.
After that, we looked at photos of people trekking in the Arctic and Antarctica and thought about how to portray the huge journeys that explorers go on. We learnt about different aspects of composition, including the rule of thirds and perspective and we designed our own ice drawings.
Finally, we had the choice of using colouring pencils or wax resist for our artwork and we created our pictures.

Term 5

This term year 5 have been studying ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’ by Katsushika Hokusai. They discussed how the print makes them feel and compared it to similar artwork by other artists. They then experimented using oil pastels and chalks and looked at mixing the colours and creating different effects. They then had to create their own storm scene by drawing the waves and building up the layers by putting foam pads between each wave. Finally they researched different types of ships and drew their own ships to go in the sea. We all really enjoyed this topic as it was great fun creating clouds of dust in the classroom at the same time as producing fabulous art!

Term 6

This term year 5 have been researching great architects through time. They worked in pairs or independently to research one of the following architects: Sir Christopher Wren, Antonio Gaudi, Zaha Hadid or Frank Gehry. They had to produce a non-fiction text of their choice which they then shared with the rest of the class. After that they looked at some work by artists who produce line drawings, including Nigel Peake, and produced their own line drawings incorporating different architecture.

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