Term 1

This term our topic has been 'All about me'. In our art lessons we drew self-portraits by looking in mirrors and carefully drawing the shapes that we could see. We tried hard to draw our eyes, noses, ears and mouths in the correct places.

After that we experimented with colour mixing. We had to use the paints to create skin colours and then carefully painted our faces. Once the paint had dried we used pastels to add the features onto our faces.

Harvest Festival was also on the agenda for this term so we produced some fabulous portraits using fruit. We had to look at the shapes of the fruit and vegetables, make a face and choose a colour that they would look good on. Mrs Clarkson photographed our faces and they got displayed at the church as part of our Harvest Festival!

Term 2

This term we have been learning about celebrations. We looked at printing to create repeating colours. Some of us did two colours and some of us did as many as four or five. We did them on strips of paper and put them on display. The following week we were talking about birthdays. We looked at some wrapping paper and then we were challenged to create a sheet of wrapping paper and a label. They had to include a repeating pattern.

We were also kept really busy with Christmas! We created a lovely role play area complete with an iceberg, penguins and fairy lights! We made paper snowflakes to hang in there and some snowflakes out of tissue paper which we stuck to the windows. They look very pretty when the sun shines through them!  

Term 3

This term Oak Class have been learning all about fairy tales. We were kept really busy as we had to create the Three Little Pig's houses out of huge cardboard boxes for our role play area. This involved doing lots of painting and gluing on sticks and straw. It was brilliant after they dried though because we were able to get inside the boxes and do lots of drama.

We also did lots of work around the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We made headbands with bear ears and made giant paw print gloves out of paper plates and coloured paper. We developed our fine motor skills and scissor skills by cutting out the paw prints.

Finally we had to create a giant fairy tale book for our display. Whilst we were waiting for it to dry we looked at the front covers of different fairy tales and then we designed our own.

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