Year 1

Term 1

Ash Class have been learning about superheroes this term.

In art we have been learning about colour mixing. First we got to experiment with mixing primary colours to see which secondary colours we could make. Then we had to use these skills to produce a watercolour sky. We then had to draw 2D shapes and cut them out to create buildings. Some of us challenged ourselves to make roofs by using triangles. Finally we became superheroes ourselves as we took photos of ourselves and cut them out to appear in our artwork! We had to think carefully about where on the page was the best place to stick them. We hope you like our finished work!

Term 2

We started off the term looking at shades of colour. We took some paint colour strips outside and looked at the autumnal leaves to see if we could match up any of the colours. We discovered that there are lots of different shades of each colour. After that we looked at the artist Vicki Rawlins who creates portraits using leaves and flowers. We had a go at creating our own portraits in her style. Then we talked about colours that are associated with different seasons such as hot and cold colours, red and green for Christmas, autumn leaf colours etc and we had to plan a simple picture that would represent one of the seasons. After that we used string to draw the pictures, which was quite tricky and finally used ink and rollers to print with them, thinking carefully about the colour that we would use.

Term 3

Ahoy there! We have been looking at The Titanic for our topic this term. At the start of the unit of work we looked at the collage 'Fish Circus' by Eileen Agar. We talked about what we noticed about the work and decided that we would like to create our own fish collages. We closed our eyes and imagined that we were on The Titanic when it was sinking and we had to say what we could see when we looked out of the portholes. We came up with lots of ideas including fish, octopus, shells, sand, seaweed, coral and even a mermaid! Then we had to design and make our own collages. We had the choice of using paper plates, plastic sheets, tissue paper, coloured paper, paints, buttons, shiny paper, photos of fish, bubble wrap, pipe cleaners and even real shells! I think you'll all agree that our porthole artwork looks absolutely FINtastic!

Term 4

We started off our unit of work by looking at a copy of Andy Warhol’s silkscreen painting depicting Marilyn Monroe. The children talked in pairs about what they noticed about the painting and said that the pictures were repeating but different colours were used. The children then looked in mirrors and did some line drawings of their own faces which we photocopied so that they would have a set each. They carefully coloured in their drawings using felt tip pens and then we talked about composition. They decided which order they would stick their pictures onto card. At the end we had a mini gallery in class and evaluated our work.

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