Year 2

Term 1

This term year 2 have been learning to make paper constructions. They learnt different techniques for folding, twisting and sticking paper and experimented with these ideas, sticking them onto black card. They then looked at a sculpture by Jordan Parah called, "Up Up and Away". They established that it was based on a hot air balloon and discussed how they could use the techniques that they had already learnt to make their own 3D artwork.

The children learnt how to use wax resist and water colour paints to make a background and then created hot air balloons using paper, but sticking them in a way to make them look 3D. Finally we looked at some abstract art by the paper artist Naomi Kendall and they made their own artwork based on her ideas. We turned the lights off and looked at the shadows in our work.

Term 4

Since returning to school we have been learning about colours. First of all we talked about the primary colours which are red, yellow and blue and we then investigated what would happen when we mixed these colours. We all created colour wheels and learnt that the secondary colours are orange, purple and green.

After that we looked at some photos of different animals. The animals were really well hidden so we had to look hard to spot them. We learnt that the animals were camouflaged and we were given the challenge to create our own camouflaged painting.

First we had to choose an animal of our choice. We then had to mix up paints to make the colours on our animal and we had to paint two pieces of paper with the colours of that animal. Finally, we drew the animal on the back of one of the pieces of paper, cut it out and stuck it onto the first piece. Then we had to use a pen to carefully add some detail such as eyes, a nose and whiskers. We produced some excellent work and some of these are now displayed in our art studio. We enjoyed sharing our work in class.

Term 5

In art this term we have been looking at making lots of different tones of one colour. We also recapped our work on colour wheels and had a go at blending two primary colours together to make a secondary colour. We then used these skills to make backgrounds for our art work using watercolour paints and wax resist. After that we looked at some photos of Thailand and each chose a silhouette to represent the country. We had to cut them out and stick them onto our work, making sure that they were at the bottom of the page and not floating in the air. Finally we evaluated our work and talked about if we would like the artwork
in our house. Mrs Clarkson thought that our work was fabulous. Some of it even got displayed in Miss Comerford’s office!

Term 6

This term we have been looking at the work of Van Gogh. We studied his five paintings of sunflowers and discussed how they are similar and different to each other and which one we liked best and why. We then looked at line, texture and patterns and had a go at drawing some different patterns which we used
later on to decorate our sunflowers.

We then had a lesson on drawing and carefully drew some sunflowers, looking carefully to see where the line would go to show the back of the table. Finally we painted our work using watercolour paints and looked at our colour wheels to remind us which colours would contrast with the yellow sunflowers. After the paintings had dried we used black pens to add on the detail and add patterns to our work.

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