Year 6

Term 1

This term we have been learning all about digital art. We started off by having discussions in groups all about what digital art is, how it is created and thinking of some examples of digital art. We also had a look at Tate Draw and had a quick go at drawing some different types of digital art such as symmetrical drawings and pixelated art.

We talked about apps that digital artists use to create artwork and learnt how to use the different tools in Sketchbook which is a drawing app. We also got to try out using a stylus – for some of us this was the first time! After that we learnt how layers can be used to help make making changes much easier, rather than having to start again if something goes wrong when doing different types of art. We had a go at saving a drawing off the internet and then drawing over the top using layers.

Finally we were challenged to make a digital map of Mote Park. We had to draw over the top of a map of Mote Park and then draw and label all of the tourist attractions onto the maps. We only had an hour for this so Mrs Clarkson thinks we did a good job!

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