Year R

Term 1

This term we have been very busy experimenting with a range of materials.

We started off the term by looking at skin tones and attempting to mix colours to match our skin. This was quite tricky but we learnt that everyone has got different coloured skin. We painted our faces using the paints that we mixed.

Once the faces had dried we had to use oil pastels to draw on the eyes, nose, lips and hair. We learnt to look carefully in the mirrors to do this.

It was very early in the year to make Christmas cards but we needed to get them sent off nice and early for printing so we made some hand printed robins. We had to add Christmas hats and eyes to them.

We enjoyed reading Elmer and thinking about differences. In art we all made our own collage Elmer elephants. We discovered that every single one looked different!

Finally we made bears by painting using forks. We discovered that we could make marks by dragging the forks through the paint to look like fur. We stuck bowties and bows onto the bears and made eyes for them.

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