Whole School Experience Weeks

2021 Whole School Big Question:
Are Pictures Better than Words?

For the first time ever, Mrs Dixon and Mrs Clarkson went head to head to try and answer the above question with the children of Senacre Wood! We spent the week debating and discussing our Big Question, and then each class chose their two top orators to challenge or support the teachers' arguments.

We looked at the following things to help us decide:

  • The Book with No Pictures- B.J Novak
  • FLOOD- Alvaro F. Villa
  • Professional Crocodile-¬†Giovanna Zoboli
  • Press Here- Herve Tullet
  • BigFoot Arts- Puppetry Workshop and Oral Storytelling
  • Expressing emotion through artwork

Journey by Aaron Becker

After lots of interruption in 2020, we sandwiched our Whole School Experience either side of the summer holidays and made it a blend of virtual and real life learning. We introduced the text before the summer, when many children were still learning at home, and came back to it in our classrooms in the first week of the new academic year. We also made sure that after the text was finished with, all our exterior display boards told the story of the wordless picture book for a few months, to create a familiar setting for our children. It was then collated onto our big WSE board by the hall as a whole school 'lockdown memory'.

We think our WSEs are an excellent way to apply skills taught in other subjects and to make sure that we work collaboratively as a school across the year, exploring our values in a meaningful way! In 2021, our focus was debate and discussion and most of our learning was posted on Seesaw so our friends across the school could look at our blogs.


Past English Whole School Experience Weeks:

2020: Journey, by Aaron Becker

2019: The Black Hat, by Maia Walczak

2018: The Arrival, by Shaun Tan

2017: Film Week at Senacre Wood!

2016: Flotsam, by David Wiesner

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