During Term 1, the whole school have been focusing on E-safety. Here is what we have all been doing...

Year 1

This term we have introduced 'Smartie the penguin'. Smartie finds himself looking at things online that he is not sure about and wonders who to ask about it. We have discussed as a class what Smartie should do in each situation and what we should do if we find something online that we are unsure of. We then designed our own Smartie character.

This week Smartie has been sent some messages on the internet that were not very nice. We will be talking about whether Smartie should ignore the messages or tell his mum and dad.

Year 2

In Year 2, we have been discussing the games we play online and how to play safely. The children shared what games they liked to play and the reasons why. We spoke about age appropriate games and recommended games to our friends!

How can we make sure we are playing safe?

"Be sensible. Only facetime people you know. Only play with people you know in real life." Grace
"If my mum's phone rings while I am playing on it I pass it to her straight away." Jack
"My dad makes sure that I have a password to log into my games and that some websites are blocked so I can play games that are for my age." Minnie
"If something appears on the screen we don't like, we should tell our mum, dad or teacher." Oskar


Year 3

Year 3 have spent time learning about the importance of strong and secure passwords. We explored what makes a strong password and had a go at making our own secure passwords.

In addition to this, we have been discussing what to do if something makes us feel uncomfortable online. We discussed as a class a range of different scenarios which we could find ourselves in online and talked about the appropriate actions to take, including informing an adult and reporting content and messages. 

Year 4

Within Year 4 this term we have been learning about the importance of a secure password and we have been using this knowledge to create secure password for IXL logins. Building on this, we have been discussing what information we should keep private and what information we don't mind being public.

As a class we have then use this knowledge to create golden rules for keeping our online data private.

We have also been learning how to react if someone is being unkind too us online through an interactive game. 

Year 5

Within Year 5, we have been learning about what makes a good online citizen. We have discussed scenarios which could cause us to become worried or upset and then learnt about how to deal with it. As a class, we recognise the importance of telling a trusted adult as well as showing them what has caused us to be upset or worried. We have also begun to learn about how we should communicate online and ensuring we are only communicating with people we know.

Year 6

Year 6 have covered keeping passwords private and  difficult to guess. While we appreciate that the age for most social media sites is 13 or 16 +, we are aware that some children are accessing these sites so we feel it is appropriate to cover how to keep ourselves safe by keeping our privacy settings high, learning how to keep our personal information safe and that people online may not be who they say they are so how to be mindful about who we share information with. We are now moving on to look at the effects of cyber bullying, what to do if we are being bullied either online or in the real world and how to have appropriate dialogue with others online.


For more information on E-safety, please visit our online safety page.


In the spring terms ahead, all year groups will be revisiting our current knowledge on E-Safety, before being introduced to our new 'SMARTIES' approach to our online activity. 

The areas we will be focusing on, are:

  • Security (logins, details & websites) 
  • Mates (IRL people & safety) 

  • Audience (content, posts & oversharing) 

  • Report (communicate, screenshot, block) 

  • Talk (being nice online, posts are permenant) 

  • Information (fake news & reliable sources) 

  • Exit (pop-ups, adverts, shopping) 

  • Screentime (health & hobbies) 

Please check back here to see the work we get up to!

We also have our Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 8th February 2022. 

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