National Coding Week!

National Coding Week 17th-21st September 2018

As part of National Coding Week, Year 1 have watched the BBC Bitesize clip 'What is coding?' and spoke about how instructions are given to computers using words and numbers. They spent time working in pairs with one child giving the instructions and the other being the computer and having to follow the instruction given. They spoke about how they have to be specific! The children had great fun directing objects around space as well using the bee-bot and 'bigtrak' car so the children can give them directions to get round objects/round a track.

In Year 2, they used Scratch junior to write simple lines of code to animate their avatars!

In Year 3 they discussed what coding is and why it is important. The children then enjoyed using scratch to set up their own instructions and ‘codes’ to make the character do what they wanted it to do.

In Year 4, they started computing by using Mozilla Goggles to reveal the codes behind a website and showed the children how editing the code can change the appearance of a webpage. They then worked in pairs to create a game/movement of a sprite using Scratch.

In Year 5, the children were looking at some basic coding using the website J2Code on the laptops.


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