History at Senacre Wood is taught in two separate chronological strands: British History and Ancient Civilisations (World History). In Year 3, the two strands are not yet separated in order to maintain the exposure needed to the idea of chronology because of children’s young age. Exploring the Vikings in Year 4 leads on from the study of Roman Britain at the end of Year 3. There is a jump to Tudors in Year 4, but this was kept because children from all year groups commented that they enjoyed the learning so much and it links with a lot of British historical pivotal moments- the defeat of the Armada, explorers, religion, royal lineage. Ancient Egyptians at the end of Year 4 gives the children their first taste of the ancients. This enquiry links to Year 5’s curriculum, which begins with Ancient Greece. This ensures a focus on how ideas are linked and built upon through time and more than one history enquiry a year, means that skills can be revisited in a cyclical fashion. In Key Stage One, the classes lay down the foundation of historical skills by using familiar historical events as vehicles which can then be linked with prior knowledge.

How do we ensure knowledge is retained?

By using the Enquiry format, skills have to be acquired and knowledge gained in order to answer the big question at the end and to access later enquiries. It makes subject specific knowledge very clear to children as teachers use vocabulary specifically related to historical/geographical/scientific/religious enquiry.

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