Parental Support in the Early Years

What to Expect, When?
Please find in the link below guidance on your child’s learning and development in the Early Years Foundation Stage. In this booklet your child’s first five years are divided up into the six age bands (page 3) to highlight what you might notice your child doing at these points. Please remember: every child is different! Children do not grow and develop at the same rate. 

After each age band there are some ideas and tips as to how you can help your child’s learning and development. Page 34 details where you can find out more.  
In the 40-60 month age band the Early Learning Goals are listed, which are the expectation for where children may have reached at the end of Reception year at school. If you have any questions about the booklet, please do ask.
Once printed, the booklet serves as a useful reminder of key goals for the Reception  year. You could use it as a working document; highlighting the skills you think your child has achieved, or targets you feel you want to work on with them.  

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