What have we been learning in Maths 2019-2020

Maths Magician

During our October Whole school experience week, we were lucky enough to be visited by a maths magician. The whole school thoroughly enjoyed his assembly where he wowed us with some amazing magic tricks. There was also a lot of discussion around the question, "Was it maths or was it magic?".

Oak Class' Maths Magician workshop was around counting knots on magical rope, discussions around more than and less than and identifying 3D shapes in some amazing balloon creatures!

Here's what pupils in Ash class thought:
"I liked it when he put the card on fire." - Maisie
"I liked it when Jesse got to be a magician and threw the coin in the jar." - Isaac
"I liked all of it." - Jacob


Beech class had a great time too! Here are some quotes from the class about what they got up to:

"We were trying to find the queen of hearts so we counted back from seven to the number one" - Archie
"Tony's thumb was stuck in his pocket and had a rope stuck under his arm. We tried to get the rope off him" - Eva


In Year 5 we learnt how to square any two digit number that ended in 5. We then found out the same trick worked for three digit numbers ending in 5. As a class, we were desperate to explore if it worked for 4 digit numbers as well so we explored that in the afternoon.

"In Year 6 we learnt how to find the cube route of any answer to a 2 digit cubed number." - Sonny


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