COVID-19 Information

What to do if...

...your child has symptoms of COVID-19: A PCR test must STILL be booked, ordered or a walk in or drive in centre must be used. A member of staff will not admit your child if you tell them they have had a cough, a temperature, or loss of sense of smell or taste. An LFD test is for when your child has NO coronavirus symptoms. We realise this can be frustrating, but please do not argue with staff, who are following latest guidelines as of 11th January 2022. If your child shows COVID-19 symptoms at school, they will be isolated and you will be called to collect for testing.

Positive LFD: isolation starts, no follow up test now needed.

Cough, temperature or loss of smell or taste, but negative LFD: book a PCR as you have the main Covid Symptoms.
Positive PCR: isolate for ten days from start of symptoms. This can be reduced to 7 days if the day 6 and 7 results are negative. Work will be set on Seesaw if your child is well.
Identified as close contact of a positive case: Complete daily LFD testing for 7 days, if you receive a letter about a class case from us, or are notified by Track and Trace.
Child has someone in their household that has had a positive test: Complete daily LFD testing for 7 days. The child does not need to isolate unless they are showing symptoms and must attend school. This may be revised by school if there are multiple people who are positive, or if related households have multiple positive children. This will be risk assessed on a case by case scenario.


COVID-19 Whole School Risk Assessment

Please follow the link below to our Whole School Risk Assessment in light of the full opening of schools on the 8th March, and the following terms. This is a working document. It will be reviewed regularly and will be updated following government guidance and Local Authority advice.


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