A Healthy Lunchbox

As a school, we began our week by learning about healthy eating. All of the classes based this around learning around our packed lunches.

Each of the classes completed tasks which were linked with their curriculum.

Have a look at what we got up to...

Oak Class

Oak Class ​had fun learning about healthy eating and top tips for how to pack a healthy lunch. We turned to colourful food catalogues when designing our own healthy packed lunch. We labelled our food choices and some of us researched how to make certain items, writing a shopping list for the ingredients needed!   



Ash Class

In Ash class, we spent time discussing which foods we thought were healthy and unhealthy. We spoke about good hygiene and how it is important to wash our hands before preparing and eating food and also making sure we are cleaning our lunch boxes every day!
Then we each made a 'Food Face' using different fruits and vegetables. We used our senses to describe what we could see, smell, taste, feel and hear when we were eating. There were some very crunchy carrots!

Can you see what we have used for different parts of the body?

Beech Class

Today Beech Class thought about what foods make for a healthy/​unhealthy​ lunchbox.

As a class, we prepared different foods that could be used to make a healthy lunch. We used pitta bread and a range of fillings including ham, cheese, lettuce, peppers and cucumber to create a pitta pocket.

We also had fun making a mint and yogurt dip and some hummus which we tried by dipping in breadsticks, carrot sticks, peppers and cucumber.

To try different food groups, one group made fruit pots using cereal, pineapple, peaches and yogurt​.

We also discussed that unhealthy foods can be eaten in moderation so as a treat for our lunch box one group decorated biscuits and cakes using some sweet treats!

Lastly we chopped up a range of fruit to make a fruit salad. 

We all really enjoyed trying each item and some of us even tried something we had never tried before!


Rowan Class

In Rowan Class, we designed our own healthy lunchboxes.

We were particularly thinking about the different food groups and the benefits they can give the human body when eaten in a balanced way.

Willow Class


In Willow Class, we thought very carefully about the contents of our lunchboxes.

To start our Healthy Eating day, we created a collage replica of our lunchboxes. Then, we used the Change4Life bar code scanner to reveal the amount of sugar, salt and saturated fat in our foods- some of us were very shocked by the results!

We used the information we had gathered this to create bar graphs and a healthy living food pyramid.

Based on all of this learning, we were then able to consider creating our own healthy lunchbox.

Maple Class

Maple Class have been learning about Healthy Eating as part of our topic work this term. We have been particularly focusing on the Eat Well Guide and linking this with our work on if the world were 100 people.

Today, we took the opportunity to be more reflective of our own Lunchboxes. We considered if our lunchboxes matched the rules of the Eat Well Plate. We then discussed a small change that we could make to improve our lunchbox or school dinner.

We also wanted to promote the importance of the Eat Well Guide so we created Haiku and Tanka poems.

Here are some of our poems:

Do you enjoy sweets?
I am pretty sure you do,
Just don't eat too many,
This is my advice for you,
Because they are bad for you!

Written by Hubert and Daniel

Eat your five a day,
They will help you work and play.
Cauliflower, pear,
Banana, Broccoli, Yeah,
Help keep you fit, Keep you strong!

Written by Katie and Brooke 

Veg is good for you,
Eat Bananas, Eat them now!
Fruit is marvellous!

Written by Callum



Sycamore Class

In Sycamore class we have been working hard preparing for our exams next term but we still had time to look at our lunchboxes and think about some of the healthier swaps we could make.

Then we researched why we need all the different food groups and what would happen if we didn’t have a balanced diet.

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