Mad Science!

The 'Mad Science' pairing of 'Quasar Chris' and 'Simon von Slime' introduced the whole school to the '3 States of Matter'. Once the children were able to name several solids, liquids and gases, it was time to begin experimenting with them, audience participation was totally necessary!

'Air' involved Billy-Sean competing against Mr Wood in a battle of 'who can fill up the big long red tube with the least amount of puff'? Billy-Sean won, blowing enough air into the tube to make it taller than him.

Our liquid experiment saw Syrus and Cadey battle against one another, trying to get the liquid out of the top to the bottom bottle first. They tried shaking the bottles lots, with Cadey just triumphing. She then had to take on 'Quasar Chris', narrowly defeating him, after he showed us his secret method of creating a vortex, by swirling the bottle around and forcing the air out as a mini tornado.

The final experiment came with a 'don't try this at home' warning! Gravity and friction were prevalent, as Lennon, third time lucky, succeeded in pulling the table cloth out from under the solid china bowl. 

And with no breakages to clean up, the children could go off and enjoy their Mad Science workshops during the rest of the day.

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