Today, the school were all focused on the topic of recycling!

During our assembly, we had an expert teach us about the importance of the 3 R's- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This taught us the main groups of materials that can be recycled in Maidstone-

  • Glass
  • Hard Plastics
  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Metal

We have to be careful that we don't put plastic that can be screwed up (like plastic bags) into the recycling as this can cause problems at the recycling centre!

We also spent time in our classes learning about the benefits of recycling and how we can recycle.

For more information about recycling in Maidstone visit the Maidstone website.

The rest of the day we were focused on the challenge of making something new from something that would be thrown away...

Oak Class




Oak Class paired up to design their model first of all, labelling the different materials they would need to find from our recycling. Next the children used their plans to create their models, thinking about how best to attach the different materials together.

The models look fantastic and range from a mermaid to "pencil pot on wheels"! It was lovely to see the children working together so purposefully, well done Oak Class.  

Ash Class

Thank you to those who were able to bring items in, it is much appreciated!

In Ash Class we made:

  • Piggy banks
  • Word mat/book holders
  • Plastic pots to put counters and small items in
  • Phonics and maths games using milk bottle lids

The children are very excited to share what they have made!

Beech Class

Beech Class already had some knowledge from out previous topic Choose to Reuse.

Today the children enjoyed ​ making pencil pots from used tin cans. They looked at lots of different designs, before creating four designs of their own. They then chose their favourite design and used a range of materials to make their own pencil pot.  

Willow Class

To begin the day, Year 4 were shown a presentation about recycling, including lots of facts and statistics that shocked and amazed some of us! We then watched a clip from Blue Planet 2 which made us all think very hard about the consequence of wasting plastic.
We were then told our project for the day – to create an animal out of plastic bottles. Most of us decided to make elephants like Miss Gravenell’s example. The rest of us decided to make different animals.
We created a design plan for our project then set to work! We used bottles as the main part of our animal, then used recycled objects, such as paper and old textiles, to decorate. We were very pleased with the results.
It took a long time to create our animals, but it was worth it. 




Rowan Class

In the morning we discussed why recycling was so important and how we can save energy by re-using some items that we might normally just throw away. 

We then got to work designing an object that could be used outside of the school to encourage wildlife or maintain the gardens. Using our designs, we then began to build our objects using plastic bottles and cardboard packaging.

In the afternoon we decorated our new objects which proved to be a bit messy! 

Finally, we evaluated our designs by thinking about what we had done well and also how we could improve our designs next time.




Maple Class

We learnt that one part of recycling was to reuse items. Mrs McKenzie told us to use one main piece of recycling to make a useful or enjoyable product. We had some interesting ideas including games, toys, bird feeders, pencil pots and even a water feature! As a class, we evaluated our creations and voted for which one we thought was the best!

During the afternoon, we were applying our sewing skills to make a new product from an odd sock! We researched existing products and then set about making our own. This involved using a range of tools and choosing the best materials.


Check back next term to see what Sycamore class get up to!

They are completing a homework project which combines recycling with the spirit of WWII's 'Make Do and Mend". We can't wait to see what they create!

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