Monday- Maths Day

Maths Escape Rooms

Classes in KS2 were very lucky to have a workshop from the Problem solving company who arranged for classes to complete their own escape rooms. 

Each class worked in groups to try to unlock a large wooden box. They had to solve a range of mathematical tasks to find the combination for each lock.

"It was really fun to try to get all the padlocks off and to get the key from the middle!" - Ruby and Lennon Y5

"Sometimes it was difficult and challenging but we really enjoyed it!" - Connor E and Archie Y5

What else did we get up to?

Oak class were doing the 3 m's! On Monday, on Maths day, we explored money! We were introduced to the coins 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p and 50p. We then discussed how certain combinations of coins are equal to other coins. Mrs Bowles had lots of piggy banks that needed filling up with different pennies, and Miss Heard buried lots of money in the sand! We were kept very busy in our class garden centre- our jobs included pricing up the shop floor, writing receipts and of course keeping the queues short at the till! 

Maple class learnt about line graphs. They interpreted graphs they had been given and used this to answer questions. They then drew some of their own. As a class, they will be applying these skills later in the week.

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