Tuesday and Wednesday

Oak Class

This Term, the children in Oak class have each planted a bean seed. On Tuesday, we learnt about the life cycle of our beans. Some of our seeds are still tucked up in the compost - we keep telling them not to be lazy and get out of bed!

We have been documenting the growth of our own beans by drawing pictures and some of us have written a sentence describing how our bean has changed.

In the afternoon, we played a game called 'What's in the box?'. Miss Heard didn't give us any clues, only that is was a part of native British wildlife! We had to ask questions about the mystery item, then draw a picture of our prediction. 

On Wednesday, Oak class started the day with a Science themed P.E. lesson. Miss Heard played a video of different animals and we had to experiment with different ways of moving - we were sliding on our tummies like slugs, leaping like frogs and flying gracefully like butterflies.

When we arrived back from P.E., we saw that our dinosaurs had been frozen in huge ice blocks! We had to work as team to think of different ways of setting them free. We used the other dinosaurs to chizzle them out, as well as pouring warm water over the ice blocks, which gradually set them free. Just as we set them all free, Miss Heard arrived with even more ice blocks! We had to use different methods, such as rubbing sugar over the ice.

Finally, all dinosaurs, bears, vegetables were all set free, and nothing was harmed in the process (other than the very wet floor!)

Willow Class

To celebrate diversity in our environment, on Tuesday and Wednesday, Year 4 took a close look at food chains and how many food chains can be connected to a much bigger food web. We focused our attention on organisms that we could find around the school grounds. We were able to find a diverse range of living things all around us from daffodils to foxes. Using these local species, we considered how important each part of the food chain can be. This then led us on to thinking about how some species play a vital role in some food chains and we studied how important bees are to our very own food chains. 

Maple Class

In Maple class, we started the day by learning about the discovery of Antarctica- we then placed ourselves in the sailors shoes and completed a short role play and then wrote a diary entry.

This lead us onto thinking about how to keep things warm. Mrs McKenzie is always complaining about her tea getting cold so we carried out an investigation to see which materials were best to keep a cup of tea warm. We selected our materials and then used a thermometer to measure the temperature at 5 minute intervals. Once we had collected all of our data, we plotted the results onto a line graph using the knowledge of line graphs we had gained the previous day.

On Wednesday, we created our entries for the science week poster competition. We based our posters on what made earth unique compared to the other planets in the solar system.

See our poster competition page to see how these turned out!

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