We love art at Senacre Wood Primary School because we know that it develops the skills in our core values such as exploring, experimenting, creating, innovating, sharing our ideas and supporting our peers. We also feel that art is a good place to take risks and to persevere to achieve results.
Art has always been important to the school, having employed specialist art teachers for the last 14 years and we are lucky to have creative children who have come through the school benefitting from the lessons that they are taught and helping to create such a creative environment. Visitors often comment on the art work which is displayed around the school.
The children have an hours lesson a week in art which is linked to the current class topics and they cover drawing, painting and sculpture within these lessons. They also do some additional artwork such as entering competitions, art clubs, creating Christmas cards that parents can then purchase and school trips such as to Maidstone Museum and the Green Spaces Natural Faces project.
The children in our school enjoy learning in all areas of the curriculum and look forward to their lessons in the arts. Ofsted (2016) stated that, “Pupils spoke enthusiastically about their learning in other subjects including sport and the arts and the topics which link learning across different subjects.”


We are currently working towards achieving the Artsmark Award and are looking forward to raising the profile of the arts and developing the arts across other areas of the curriculum.

Please read our blog written by pupils in Year 6 about our Artsmark journey!


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