Lower KS2 Art Club

This term art club were challenged to create a masterpiece where they had to work as a team and each child had to do a painting that would join together to make a final piece.

We looked at some art and discussed the things that we would need to do to create our own bird painting. We decided that the branches would need to join together on each canvas and that the colours would need to blend nicely together in the background. We each did a design and then the teachers voted on their favourite which we decided to recreate. We investigated different colours and decided that complementary colours would work well to make the birds stand out.

Then the fun began! We each had to paint our canvas, making sure that the colours in the background were the same as any canvas that would go next to it, above it or under it! Mrs Clarkson was very impressed how we managed this as each person had to keep checking with the children whose work would be joined onto ours to make sure that the colours matched.

When we had finished we put all the canvases together and were delighted with our finished work! It’s now on display in our main corridor so you can pop in and see it!

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