Year 2

Term 1

During Term 1, we worked on a DT project. Please see our class page in the DT section for more information.

Term 2

This term we have been learning about the sculptor Rey Hernandez. We looked at some of his work, including a sculpture of a dragon and we talked about how we thought he had made it. We decided that he would need to use a very thin tool to make marks in the clay as the scales and eyes on the dragon were very detailed.

We were given a piece of clay and the box of tools and we experimented using a range of decorative techniques. We used knives, forks, tools, sticks and wire to make different marks in the clay. We also looked at pinching the clay to make different textures that might feel like a dragon.

After that we had to plan our own 3D dragon work. We decided to make close ups of the area around a dragon's eye so we had to imagine zooming in on it. Mrs Clarkson found some very cool glass eyes that we could use to make them look really realistic.

Finally we created our dragon artwork. We finished them off by painting them carefully around the eyes. We all loved our finished work!

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