Year 3

Term 1

Year 3 read the first story in Vincent’s Starry Night and Other Stories. They talked about ‘Lion Man’, an ancient carved sculpture believed to be around 40,000 years old and discussed how he was made, what he was made out of, why he was made and what it was used for. The children used charcoal, pastel and drawing pencils to draw some sketches of him.

The following week they had to look carefully at their sketches and create some clay sculptures of him. They agreed that if he had been made out of clay then he would not have lasted all those years. They then looked at different types of paints and had a go at mixing brown using primary colours. Once they had established how to mix brown they added white to create tints and black to create shades.

Finally, they had to create their own artwork pretending to be real cave men (and ladies!). They learnt how artists in the Stone Age would have used the shapes of the cave walls to plan where the animal would need to be painted. The children used the playground, classroom walls and under the desks to lean on them give them a real Stone Age experience!

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