Year 3

Term 1

This term the children have been learning about the Stone Age.  In art we investigated what it would be like creating cave art. We had to get under the desks and try drawing upside down, imagining that we were drawing on the roof of a cave and we also had to draw on the bumpy surface of the playground. We discovered that this was much trickier than we expected as our drawings on the playground didn’t look like what we thought they would look like and our necks ached drawing upside down!

We then had to create our own Stone Age art. We looked at pictures of Stone Age paintings and talked about the types of colours that were used and why. We made old looking paper by screwing up paper repeatedly until it felt really flimsy and old. After that we painted it using a wash and added cracks using pastels. At the end we were given a choice of which resources we wanted to use for our animals - paint, charcoal, pastel or pencil. Some of us even had a go at adding a sense of movement to our work.

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