Year 4

Term 1

Year 4 have been learning about Diwali in our RE lessons. In art we looked at some Rangoli patterns and worked in teams to create giant Rangoli patterns on the playground.

We then combined our knowledge of Rangoli patterns with our research into the artist Veronika Richterova who creates her work out of plastic bottles. She uses heat to twist, turn and cut up the plastic bottles and to give them natural forms. We decorated plastic bottles with our own Rangoli patterns and then cut some of them up to make spiral shapes and used some to look like Diwali lanterns.

We then put all of our artwork together to make this huge installation which is on display in our art studio!

Term 2

Year 4 have been looking at paintings depicting Native American Indians. They discussed the types of traditional clothing they wear and created pages in their sketchbooks all about them. They then looked at the painting Blue eyed chief by Jim Denomie and talked about how this art looks different to the work that they looked at the previous week.

The children then designed their own portraits of a Native American chief. These were then created using oil pastels. We discussed how to use complementary colours to make the person stand out against the background and we also looked at blending the oil pastels in the background. We were very pleased with our final portraits.

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