Year 5

Term 1

Year 5 researched the work of ancient Greek artists and discussed the features that they could see in the artwork. They then had to design and make their own vases and another artefact of their choice, selecting appropriate tools for the job. They then learnt about light and shadow, form and space and did a series of drawings using drawing pencils, pens and charcoal.

Finally they looked at some artwork by the artist Jannis Kounellis Hirshhorn from 1980. They discussed how they could use their clay models to create something based on his work. They agreed to paint all the objects white and then worked in small groups to arrange their art as a display. They took photos of their artwork on the Ipads and we had a mini exhibition within our bubble.

Term 2

This term year 5 have been learning about one point perspective. They followed a Youtube clip showing them how to create a one point perspective drawing of a street. This was quite tricky but they all persevered and created some brilliant drawings which they were proud of. They then painted them using water colour paint and then finally went over the lines using black pens.

After that they looked at the work of Peter Thorpe who creates lots of space themed paintings. They created a page in their sketch books all about him and his work and then using the techniques they learnt previously all had a go at designing their own rocket drawings. They evaluated their work, verbally with a partner and then fed back to the rest of the class.

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