Year 6

Term 1

We read the story Moth by Isabel Thomas and talked about evolution and how moths have adapted over time to enable them to remain camouflaged and agreed to do some art work linked to this topic. We learnt a method for mono-printing where we had to put a sheet of acetate over a photo of a moth or butterfly, paint over it and then print onto another piece of paper. We also learnt how to do foam printing and created our own designs remembering that the images would be back to front when printed.

After that we looked at creating backgrounds for our work by layering different materials and acrylic paint and we also looked at applying the paint by spreading it over the page, rather than using brushes. We then designed butterflies and moths which we printed onto the backgrounds. Finally we talked about how to embellish our work so everyone chose different ways. We did sewing, weaving, layering, drawing and printing using stampers.

Term 2

This term Year 6 have been developing their drawing skills. They looked at photos of graveyards and then watched a video on Youtube showing them how to use chalk, charcoal and black and white pencils to make their drawings look 3D and give them a sense of perspective. Finally they produced their own preparatory sketches and selected their favourite composition ready to do their final piece.

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