Around the World

A huge well done and thank you to everyone in Maple class. We learnt traditional dances, tasted food, learnt a new skill (origami) and found out many interesting facts.

We were delighted to learn about so many different countries- particularly as so many of you took the time to learn a recipe from another country. Many recipes have been copied down to try to replicate the delicious food we had the pleasure to try.


Our main focus this term was to learn about North America- we spent a lot of time finding out about the different countries that make up the continent of North America. This included distinguishing between countries and states of the USA as well as learning about the equator and the different climates and landscapes.

We finished the unit by planning our dream trip to a country of North America and then writing a post card home imagining that we had been on the trip.



Tilly and Bethany

Tilly and Bethany wrote their own blog about our Around the World Topic...

Today we're going to tell you about Maple classes' topic of Around the World. The class enjoyed learning about different countries around the world, which fits the topic name, and finding out about the school's world links.

For some of our homework we had to choose a country and teach the class something about it. Some made food, others taught dances and origami. Some did countries that they were linked to.

To find out what countries the school was linked to, we sent out surveys to other classes and the teachers. We then collected the information and put it down on a map.

Towards the end of the term, we planned our own dream holiday to North America. First, we had to decide where we were going. Then, we had to decide on three things to do there. Once we knew where we were going we had to write a post card.

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