We are bloggers

Today we learnt about what a blog was and how we could create our own safely.

Ociana explained what a blog is, "A blog is like a log or a diary but it is a log on a website which means that the whole world can read it if they want to." Tilly went on to explain that a Vlog was a blog but with video.

Because the whole world can see it, we had to think about how to create our own blogs and keep ourselves safe. Here are some of our key learning points:

  • Never give out personal information- Katie
  • Only use our first names because there are lots of people with the same first name as us- Mary
  • Remember that if you wouldn't tell it to a stranger, don't say it on the internet- Tiona


To give us our first opportunity of blogging, Mrs McKenzie asked us to write a blog for an event from last term. Here are some of the examples...


Katie and Zeinab wrote a blog about TT Rockstars

We have been competing and learning our timetables as well as a little bit of division too. Everyone has fun plus we get to learn in a different way. Everybody fights for the web site!

Raztsvet commented, "TT Rockstars is so fun and you learn your timetables."

Ethan said, "I like it because you can learn your timetables and dress up your character."

Even the teachers like it and Mrs McKenzie said, "It is engaging for all pupils- they all seem to love it!"

If you want to try TT Rockstars then visit the website www.ttrockstars.com/login

Heather and Tiona added...

There are five categories: Studio, Garage, Arena, Festival and Rock Festival. Garage helps you practice and you earn 10 coins per questions. In Arena, you can play against your class mates. Festival is where you can play against the world!

Everyone enjoys TT Rockstars and it helps with times tables too. You also get to pick a fun rock name! 

Every Friday assembly, it is announced who the three quickest people in each class and the school are.



Callum and Bailey chose to blog about our sock creations...

During STEM week, we chose sock puppet models from the internet and made them out of odd socks which was linked with our work on recycling. When we made our sock creations, we used different materials to decorate them. We also used stuffing/rice to make our puppets. These are the materials that we used: needles, buttons, thread, fabric and lots of other things.

When we finished, we put them all on display and took a photo then we took them home.

We all enjoyed it!


Katy and Hubert wrote a blog about their book club...

Recently, Miss Comerford developed Book Club for years five and six. The first book we focused on was a book called "The Wolf Wilder", written by Katherine Rundell, whose writing skills are unbelievable.

Currently, we are reading the fantastic book, "Welcome to Nowhere", written by the prize winning author, Elizabeth Laird. The book is about an unfortunate twelve year old boy called Omar, who was born and raised in the beautiful and bustling city of Bosra in Syria. He is part of a powerful, moving and important story about the life of one family in wartime.

These are two stunning books we highly recommend to people who expect high standard books. Literally, you will be magnetised to them!


Chloe and Ociana wrote a blog about last term's art work...

Across the last few weeks, Mrs Clarkson and the class have been creating pop art!

In our art lessons, we have learnt which colours stand out from each other and used the knowledge to create American Pop art masterpieces. Using pictures of North American food, that is flamboyant yet basic, we created burgers, milkshakes and Coca-Cola from card.

We produced some magnificent, breath taking work and Mrs Clarkson says we should be proud of it!

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