The Cane - a class poem

The cane’s secret


Oh cursed cane, how are you created?

I am made from bamboo, it is super strong

I’m a hard nut and I’m tough!

I’m super skinny but have a hard hit

23 years old and born in 1995,

I’m as old as time

This is the best shape to hurt naughty children

I go snap with a thunderous crack!


Oh cane, what is your purpose?

It was Chase, I made a slap sound when I hit him

I hit horrendous people with powerful stinging swings

I am like an elephant squishing a mouse

I punish hundreds of children like screaming bunnies

I have punished 66 screaming children who were crying like helpless babies

That’s what I’m made for


Oh cane, why do you do it?

As my mystery master taught me, it is not my choice

I do it if they are as bad as a person in jail

I can stop whipping people if they stop being bad

They should have been doing what they were told, I feel sorry for the people who were doing what they were told


Oh cane, how do you feel?

By the looks of it, what do you think?

I am constantly in pain, every time it is like falling into flaming hot lava with a shrill shriek at the end

Yes, it is like kids going to burn

I don’t care really, I will scream as I hit them

Sometimes I do it for fun by mostly I want attention

I hate whipping people, it feels like having an injection

It’s like a fireball hitting you at full speed

Yes, it does, it hurts very much

I am evil as a vampire

Evil is an awfully strong word, it depends on what they did wrong



People were so rough I broke



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