The Mason Mile

Magnificent Mason Mile

On the 16th November we went to ark Wood to do the Mason Mile. It took 35 minutes to get there.

When we got there we took our coats off and got ready to start the race (we met the mayor). A man that worked there said "3...2...1...go, go, go!" All of us rushed round the track, we had to go round the track two times, when I got halfway round I slipped on a tree. Lennon crashed into a tree. Archie got to the end first he did it in 5 minutes. Callum did it in 5 minutes and 10 seconds. When we had all got round we got a banana and a bottle of water then got our stuff and walked back to school.

By Callum and Rylee

Mason Mile

On Friday the 16th November 2018, we (sycamore Class) went to Park Wood park. It was to run a mile to raise money for Children in Need. We had a lot of fun and even made our own smoothies.

The journey

To get there , we walked from the school in pairs. It took about thirty-five minutes to get there. When we arrived, we put our coats and water bottles on a pole in a pile.

The run

We all walked up to the start line so that they could tell us where to run. There were five people along the track to help keep smiles on our faces. We all ran two laps except one who had got hurt before the mile. Everyone got a wristband but they were different colours depending on their time. Black with green writing, green with a black stripe and green with black writing.

Smoothie bikes

At the end , we all peddled as fast as we could to blend a smoothie. It tasted delicious! We took turns to ride the bikes before waking back to school.

By Lacey and Heather

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