Our trip to Horton Kirby in June 2017

On a wet and windy Tuesday, Rowan class visited the environmental education centre in Horton Kirby. 

In term 6, we will be learning all about plants. So, to kick off our topic, we spent a day studying plants and trees in detail. The weather wasn't ideal but it didn't manage to dampen our spirits as we learnt how to identify trees by their leaves, take bark rubbings and we learnt about how trees use leaves as their food factories.

Back at the centre, the classroom was set up like a Victorian classroom where we studied leaves more closely using microscopes to look at the structure of the leaves in detail.

After lunch, we took a trip down to the river with our wellies and had a splash about in the afternoon and most us finished the day with soggy socks! We did have a close look at the plant life in the river too!

Thank you very much to Mrs. Emery who led the day for us and thank you to Mrs. Toneva and Mrs. Colhoun for their support on the day. Also, a big thank you to Rowan class who behaved fantastically well and represented the school tremendously!

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