The Rise of the Robots


Our topic this term is Rise of the Robots. The children were really excited when they discovered that our topic was going to centre on robots.

To launch our topic, on the day first day of term 5, we had a whole day dedicated to robots. We started the day by considering the role of robots in everyday life and identified the different uses for robots. Some of us were quite surprised by the use of robots, for example, the children were unaware that robots are used to explore dangerous terrains, such as volcanoes. After this, we were given key dates in the history of robots to research into then produced a timeline of key events in robotic history.

Following on from this, we looked at robot art, focusing on the work of the artist Terry Collier. We tried to identify everyday objects that Terry Collier uses in his robotic art. After this, we designed our own robots, wrote a description of them and labelled our diagrams.


Throughout the term, we will be following the theme of robots closely. In English, we are studying the text ‘Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes, with the end objective for the children to write their own robot story. In science, we are learning about electricity, and considering the link between electronics and robots. In computing, we are looking at developing software and programming, with the end goal of producing our own games on the program Scratch. As well as this, we will delve in further to the role of robots in the modern day and a consideration of the history of robots.


The children have a very positive and enthusiastic attitude towards this topic and have already wowed me with the work they have produced.

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