Vicious Vikings!

This term, Year 4 are learning all about the Vikings! To start the school year, we spent an entire day learning just about the Vikings. The children thought about anything they wanted to know about the Vikings as well as anything they already knew! We then tried to work out whether statements were facts or opinions about the Vikings. The children were shocked to realise that it is actually a myth that the Vikings had horns on their helmets! We then researched into Viking long ships and plotted key Viking events onto a timeline.
As the term has progressed, the children have learnt many more interesting facts about the Vikings including the countries they came from and the countries they invaded. The children have also worked hard to compile fact files about different aspects of Viking life, such as warriors, long ships and everyday life. We also spent some time considering the impact of Viking invasions on other people, such as during the Viking raid on the Lindisfarne monastery.
The children are creating some beautiful pieces of art, including flags of the countries the Viking’s came from (formerly known as Scandinavia). In English, the children have been reading Viking myths and legends, and learning about Norse Gods, such as Thor and Loki. Additionally, they have been reading The Saga of Erik the Viking. They will be writing their own Viking Sagas towards the end of the term!
At the end of the term, to celebrate our Viking topic, Year 4 will be having a Viking dress up day!

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