Year 4’s Memorable Moment Day – 12th December 2018

On Wednesday 12th December 2018, Year 4 enjoyed a ‘Design and Build Your Own Robot’ day for their memorable moment for the term.

The day started with confusion. Year 4 wondered why ‘No entry’ and ‘Caution – Authorised Personnel Only’ signs were stuck on their classroom door. Upon entering the classroom, the theme for the day was revealed.

Year 4 were asked to get into teams. Each team was given the task of designing a robot then building, creating and decorating it. They were given the extra challenge of using an electrical component in their robot, such as buzzers or lightbulbs.

Year 4 came up with some wonderful designs, then began to plan how to build it, selecting appropriate items from our huge mountain of donated recyclable waste to build their robot with (thank you to Year 4’s parents and guardians for your donations!). Once the materials were selected, construction began, which involved lots of cutting, glue and sticky tape!  After that, Year 4 moved out to the playground to paint their robots – again, another fun but messy exercise!

After lunch, the children began to construct the electrical components to go into their robots and carried out a team evaluation of the day.

Miss Comerford came to judge the robots -a very difficult decision for her! In the end, Miss Comerford, picked Ruby, Macey, Alexis, Ciara and Summer as the winning team.

It was such an amazing day and great fun was had by all. The children worked exceptionally hard and should be proud of their magnificent creations.

Please look at the selection of photographs of just some of the children’s creations!

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