Design and Technology at Senacre Wood

At Senacre Wood Primary, we love getting stuck in with designing, creating, building and evaluating. Using their creativity skills, pupils design and make products aimed at real and relevant problems.

The children have lots of opportunities to develop their creative and technical skills, whether this is experimenting with a range of tools in their weekly Art lessons, or building, constructing and cooking during their Enquiry based learning.

In EYFS, the children have a wide range of construction to plan, design and make exciting models and structures, including rockets, bridges and zoos! Oak class are taught how to handle tools and objects safely.

In KS1, the students at Senacre Wood apply lots of design skills across the curriculum. Ash Class spend lots of time selecting and using a wide range of materials, they love junk modelling in the classroom and at home! During Terms 1 and 2, Beech Class focus on designing, making and improving their technical knowledge. So far this year, they have made model aeroplanes with three components and evaluated how they could make their structures stronger. During STEM week, Beech class applied their technical skills and all made a Robo-bug with moving wheels.

Rowan class devote time in their Art lessons to practise using a wide range of tools and equipment accurately. Throughout the year, they link their design and technology learning to their History, Geography and Science enquiry. Their planned projects involve making and designing Roman shields, globes in Geography and build upon their understanding of a balanced diet during Science.

Willow Class practise a range of Design and Technology skills through their home learning challenges on Seesaw. The children were assigned a Viking challenge to design, make and evaluate a Viking long boat, thinking about their choice of materials throughout the process. Their Term 2 Enquiry was North America and Year 4 were feeling thankful! They were developing their cooking and baking skills at home during this time.

During their Term 4 enquiry, Maple Class use the Victorian Era to practise their design and technology skills. They research the structures of the Victorian age, then apply their research to the design criteria. The end product is a refined Victorian bridge, showcasing Year 5’s ability to use a range of materials, tools and equipment.

Throughout the Spring terms, Year 6 explore wartime and evacuation. The children apply the skills involved with preparing and cooking dishes safely and hygienically, focusing on popular foods from the 20th century wars. During STEM week 2021, Year 6 worked independently to design and create their Robo-bugs. Using their knowledge of electrical systems, they all created Robo- bugs that moved! 


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