Year 6

Term 2 and 3

Year 6 have been challenged to create a model village of Maidstone - made entirely out of cardboard, tape and glue! They have learnt different techniques for joining cardboard together and for making doors and windows open and close. The children worked in small groups to create a well-known building of their choice such as Leeds Castle, Archbishop's Palace, Maidstone Museum etc.

On Tuesday 21st January, during the afternoon, they split into groups and each group went to a different year group and taught them the skills that they have been learning. They helped the children across the school to start a project building houses. At the end of the term, year 6 will be using maps to help them to create a 3D cardboard installation of Maidstone using all of the buildings that we have been making. We will let you know when it's completed and you can come and visit it!


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