The Library

Our New Library Officially Opens October 2018...

On Friday the 28th of October, our renovated 'enchanted forest library' will be opened by Councillor Gary Cooke and members of the School Council!


Back in Term 4, the children were asked to design a new school library, as part of National Libraries week, which also saw a 23% increase in the amount of children that owned a library card. Miss Comerford and Mrs Wardell got to work on Pinterest (our library ideas can be found here!) to start brainstorming, so that they could turn the children's ideas into a design. During this time, Senacre Wood PFA made a generous contribution which enabled us to begin filling the shelves with brand new books.

During the summer holidays, Gary and the team at Craftworks Joinery arrived to make our design into the real thing! They created our beautiful softwood reading tree, and created customised shelving that can be moved to suit the height and style of specific books. The floating books, artificial grass and photographic wallpaper made our library into a place where children can access high level texts which cover a whole rang of themes and topics.

We hope that this will be a space that the children will love and that can used for reading for pleasure throughout the school week: children will have access to the room at lunchtimes when it will be run by our librarians in Year 6 and during more teacher directed sessions.

Happy Reading!

(Find age-appropriate booklists here!)

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