Science Club

Term 1
This term in Science Club we have completed a range of investigations.
We have designed, built and tested our own rafts/boats to carry a superhero, we experimented with different styles of paper aeroplanes to see which one would fly the most successfully, we watched a variety of media about real life science issues, dilemmas and fun experiments and we worked with bubbles to see how we could create the biggest bubbles in a variety of shapes. 
'I liked the bubbles' Macey Year 5
'I loved all of it!' Nyall Year 5
'I enjoyed bubble creation and popping them!' Dylan Year 3
'I liked EVERYTHING!' Caleb Year 3

Term 2

In our first Science Club of the term, the children were given the opportunity to explore the different options for investigations that they could carry out this term. 

In the second week, following the children's requests, we made lava lamps! We used vegetable oil, water, food colouring and AlkaSeltzer tablets which, when dropped into the water, oil and food colouring, sparked a reaction, causing an effect similar to that of Lava Lamps. A big thank you to the children and their families for providing plastic bottles for us to carry out this investigation!

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