Forest School

As part of our curriculum development for next year, an outdoor learning specialist will be running Forest School sessions at Senacre Wood for Years 1 to 6. Our outdoor learning specialist is a fully qualified Forest School Practitioner from local company Wild Times Woodland Adventures, which promotes, ‘fun and learning in the woods.’

This is an invaluable learning experience for the children at Senacre Wood. Forest School is a safe environment where children learn outdoors in all weathers, experiencing changes in nature. Children take ownership and responsibility of their outdoor area. Forest School is widely recognised as an excellent opportunity for children to develop confidence through hands-on learning.

Our Forest School programme will take place on a Tuesday and is as follows for 2019-2020:

Term 1: Year 6 (Starting Tuesday 10th September)

Term 2: Year 4

Term 3: Year 5

Term 4: Year 2

Term 5: Year 3

Term 6: Year 1


When it is your child’s turn for their Forest School session, they will need to come dressed to school in uniform. They will need to bring old, practical clothes to change into which are  suitable for the weather on that day such as: wellington boots, waterproof coat/trousers and extra layers if it is cold. The forest school session will only be cancelled in high winds.

We are very excited about this new learning experience for our children. Keep an eye on here to see what our first class, Year 6, get up to!


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