Helping your child with Maths

Following the events of the past few years, White Rose Maths (a scheme of work we base much of our maths planning on) have produced daily videos to support pupils with their maths learning. They have been designed to support pupils who are completing home learning but, if you are trying to support them at home with their current learning, these may be a useful source of information. White Rose Maths

Providing support to your child's learning at home can be really valuable in reinforcing what they have learnt at school. The best way to support your child at home in Maths is to practise number bonds (quick mental addition and subtraction) and times tables - these provide a fantastic foundation for all areas of maths learning. Any time you are able to make maths 'real' for children is brilliant - please involve them any time you are reading scales (such as measuring mass in cooking), using money to pay at a till, and recognising numbers around them. Children need to see that maths is not just something they do at school! 

These leaflets provide some useful tips and information for supporting your child's learning in maths.


Useful Websites The Family Maths Toolkit is full of ideas to help parents, families and children aged 13 and under enjoy everyday maths activities together. Give your child a head start in Maths: everything parents need to know about Numeracy development from 0-6 with fun activities you can build into everyday life and play Find out what you can do to help develop your child's maths skills, from the early years to KS2 SATs.

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