TT Rockstars!

Times Tables Rockstars (TTRockstars) is a carefully sequenced online programme designed to boost the recall of tables. The children log on with individual user names and passwords at:‚Äč

They create their own avatars and then play various games which test the recall of multiplication and division facts. Success is rewarded with virtual coins which can be spent in the shop buying accessories for their avatars. Teachers have grouped their classes so that tables are set according to ability. Groupings are entirely flexible though, depending upon how successfully the children learn their tables.

We are encouraging more home use by issuing stickers to those who use TTRockstars at weekends.

4 stickers = a badge, another 4 stickers = a pencil, further stickers will achieve pen or wristband. ( Image of these rewards is attached )

The emphasis is therefore to get as many children simply practising their tables. Further incentives for high achievers will follow.

If any child has not got access to a laptop, ipad or phone at home over a weekend, other arrangements are being made for them in school.

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