Year 1

Term 1

Year 1 have enjoyed linking their music lessons to their Superhero theme this term and they have listened carefully to different superhero music to see which theme tunes they recognised. They knew quite a lot of them already! We played different games to get the children moving and responding to the music and they came up with ideas of actions to show when the music changed. Ash class have worked hard on listening carefully to music to help them comment on the pieces successfully and to be able to answer specific questions. The children reflected on how the music made them feel, the instruments that they could hear and they also began to comment on the pitch and tempo of each tune. We looked at some orchestral instruments from different families in greater detail and listened to recordings of some of these instruments being played. Ash class are beginning to identify some orchestral instruments and can sort them into different categories based on their instrumental family, size, material and pitch. At the end of the term, Year 1 spent some time working with a partner to create their own composition of onomatopoeic superhero sounds using their voices and body percussion. They performed these successfully and confidently to their peers.

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