Year 3

Term 1

Rowan class have demonstrated a great understanding of beat and rhythm through musical games and activities this term. They have used body percussion and percussion instruments very well to copy rhythms and also to compose their own rhythms using the Kodaly method to support them. The children composed some great ideas for our Fossil Bones body percussion piece and tried hard to keep the beat even when the tempo changed. They have enjoyed linking their music lessons to their topic of the Stone Age and we have looked at different instruments from this time and compared them with instruments played today. Rowan class enjoyed playing untuned and tuned percussion instruments to accompany our Stone Age songs, Cave People and We Will Rock You, demonstrating improved performance skills. They have started to have an awareness of their peers when performing and have realised the importance of following a conductor.

Term 5

This term Rowan and Willow will be exploring music by film composer Hans Zimmer and focusing on his piece composed for the BBC Ten Pieces called ‘Earth’. The children will enjoy responding to his music in a variety of different ways including creating a piece of artwork inspired by the music. They will develop their knowledge of key musical elements and draw on these when listening and reflecting on the music. Both classes will further their understanding of musical vocabulary and apply this knowledge when playing tuned and untuned percussion instruments. The children will develop key composing skills this term using graphic and staff notation and gain confidence to create their own musical patterns and motifs based on Hans Zimmer’s, ‘Earth’.

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