Year 1

Term 1

Ash class have been exploring sounds this term and they have thought about how sounds are made and how they can be changed. The children listened to different sounds around them at school and compared the volume of the sounds that they heard. They then composed their own patterns of sounds with their partner using their voices, body percussion and simple percussion instruments.

Whilst using percussion instruments, Ash class have enjoyed playing musical games to help them to learn the names of the instruments as well as how to play these instruments appropriately. They explored how some of the instruments can be played in different ways to produce loud and quiet sounds. The children have developed their ability to create sounds using these instruments for a particular purpose and demonstrated this when composing an Autumn soundscape in small groups. Ash class also participated in a thunderstorm activity and shared lots of creative and expressive ideas to use body percussion in different ways for intended effects.

The children have learned many new songs with actions this term and they are gradually building up a repertoire of songs. They had fun learning their class song for the Harvest Festival and sang, ‘Big, Red Combine Harvester!’ with great confidence. Super singing Ash class!

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