Year 2

Term 1

Year 2 have been learning lots of new songs this term and they have enjoyed putting actions to the songs to help them learn the words. The children performed successfully at their Harvest Festival and sang ‘A Picture of Autumn,’ with great confidence. Wonderful singing Beech class!

The children are beginning to develop a real sense of shaping to their melodies when they sing and we have worked hard on pitching the notes by using lots of echoes and call and response activities. They are aware of the importance of warming up before singing and the children have participated well in the new warms-up looked at this term.

Beech class have also had opportunities to listen to lots of recorded music and they have compared musical elements such as dynamics and tempo within a song. The children are beginning to understand how these musical elements can be used for particular effects and they have practised different ways of playing percussion instruments by varying the tempo, dynamics and pitch. They have had opportunities to perform varying patterns of sounds to their peers which has helped to improve the children’s listening skills and has developed an awareness of what others are playing.

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