Year 3

Term 1

Year 3 have shown a great interest in instruments this term and they have explored the differences between the instruments in each musical family. They have listened to recorded music to experience the sound of each instrument and developed an understanding of how they are played in different ways. The children had opportunities to look at, and play, some of the different instruments and they were able to identify them by sorting them in to their string, woodwind, brass and percussion families. They learned how instruments can vary their dynamics, tempo and pitch. The children focused on the pitch of an instrument and successfully ordered the orchestral instruments from highest to lowest pitch.

Year 3 have also played lots of musical games to help them understand the meaning of the musical elements tempo, dynamics and pitch. The children demonstrated the difference in these musical elements when playing tuned and untuned percussion instruments.  

Rowan class have also enjoyed learning new songs this term and they have worked on singing out clearly and with expression. They confidently performed their Harvest song, ‘Weird and Wonderful!’ at the Harvest Festival. Well done Rowan Class!

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