Ash Class

Welcome to Ash Class

Our Class teacher is Mrs Norris and our teaching assistant is Mrs Kirkham as well as our key worker, Mrs Bannister.

For more information about the routines in Year 1, please read our parents meeting presentation.

Welcome to year 1! It has been a long time since many of you have been in school but we are so excited to see you back with smiles on your faces.

This term we will be enjoying lots of play based learning and making the most of our new outside area. For our enquiry this term we will be investigating Superheroes and doing our best to discover whether or not they are real. Along the way we will have a go at becoming Superheroes ourselves through our role play area, deciding what it really means to be ‘super’ and exploring how people a little closer to home can help us.

During maths this term we will be seeing what you can remember from Oak class and tailoring your learning to consolidate what you already know before moving on to our year 1 maths learning. We will explore numbers 1-10, investigating what these numbers mean, look like and how they relate to our counting. Lots of our maths work will be practical to help you gain a secure and deeper understanding of what we are learning.

Linking with our enquiry on Superheroes we will be looking at the story of Superworm. We will explore the text together, looking at the imaginative ways Superworm helps his friends before we spend time retelling the story in our own words. Whilst we try to answer our ‘big question’ of Are Superheroes real? we will explore a book all about heroes from around the world and how they can help us in different ways. You will then be writing your own information text based on what we find out.

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